Comparing Physical Shopping with Online Shopping for Apparel

Online Shopping

Due to COVID-19 online shopping commonly used in all over the world. In fact as early as now news about shutting down of some physical stores across the country abound the Internet. Does this mean more people are now favoring online shopping then community to brick and mortar stores?

There is no denying that smartphones and tablets are making it easy for shoppers today to research business, survey products, read customer reviews, and even purchased goods. But there are still people who like to see an item or commodity in person and touch it, before deciding to buy.

That said, while physical stores are unlikely to go extinct soon, mobile devices will play a crucial role in people’s overall shopping experience.

Traits of Online Shopping for Apparels

24/7 Availability

While bricks and mortar stores have business now, an e commerce website can be accessed at any time from any location. Customers can make a purchase of their accessories, clothes right away and have their item delivered the next day.


Customers can shop their apparels from the comfort of their own homes. Without having to drive to the physical location and have to deal with the crowd and longlines at the checkout counter.

Time Saving

The customers can compare and contrast products from multiple websites and buy the apparels which they feel best. is the best online shopping store for both men and women’s leather jackets. They have the best quality leather jackets which are very graceful and comfortable.

Online shopping is making many people satisfied because they get what they want easily by sitting in their homes.

Traits of Physical Shopping

Tangible Elements

Customers can physically feel and try on the clothes, thus giving them more confidence in purchase. While it gives us satisfaction about the quality of clothes and fabrics.

Immediate Availability

As soon as the customer pays for the clothes, they can start enjoying them right away.

The Experience

A lot of people enjoy going from one store to another and looking at particular clothes that they want. This provides them with a pleasant experience.

Shipping Costs

While some online retailers offer free shipping, some do not, and customers do not want to pay extra fees.

Less Probability of Returns

Certain items, such as clothes and makeup, require a perfect fit, and it can be difficult to make the right purchase without trying it on.

Now, we have looked at the benefits of online vs offline shopping for apparels. Let’s find out how businesses can combine these two experiences to take advantage of both trends.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Nowadays, pretty much all bricks and mortars stores have an online store, but for the smaller ones out there, the advantages of making the leap to e-commerce are less obvious. In fact, according to a recent Forbes study, only 28% of small businesses sell online. However, you do not have to set up a full-fledged e-commerce website right away.

In a physical store, this is done by having a wide selection of products, great customer service, and rewarding your customers for shopping at your store.

Statistics on Online Shopping VS In Store Shopping

If you look at who’s winning in the online shopping vs in store shopping battle, the answer very well may be it depends on how you look at it.

To many onlookers the wave looks like it may send brick and mortar into a tailspin, maybe even a panic may even be an endgame. When it comes to online shopping vs traditional shopping, the market place is undergoing a transfiguration the extent of which we haven’t witnessed until now.

2017 was the worst year for parcel shipping, or generally any other form of e-commerce shipping, enabling retailers to sell all sorts of items online without having to worry about bulk shipment.

What Do People Buy Online?

In 2017, Amazon accounted 44 percent of US e-commerce sales. So in order to drill down on what people buy online.

Let’s look at Amazon top selling products by categories:

  • Consumer electronics.
  • Home and kitchen products.
  • Books and other items.
  • Sports and outdoor equipment.
  • Jewellery and watches.
  • Furniture.
  • Video games.

Clothing is the Number One Selling e-Commerce Article is the best online shopping store of leather jackets for men and women both on Amazon.

What Do People Buy in Person?

To determine what people are buying in stores, imprint plus conducted a survey of 1,000 people. Here’s a rundown of sum of the findings:

80 percent of the people surveyed prefer to buy food in store so they can judge for quality and freshness.

60 percent of the survey participants prefer to buy clothing in stores.
Yes clothing is the number one selling in the e-commerce category overall, this indicates that clothing is a good omni channel category, one that, depending on current fashion, will sell well both online and offline.

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