Pakistani Men’s Kameez Shalwar

Shalwar kameez and kurta Pajama are a common dress in Pakistan and India for male. It is a staple attire in Eid and other special ethnic occasions and so in India, Bangladesh as well. Shalwar kameez and Kurta Pajama are the top most choice of Pakistani or Indian Male. A beautifully tailor stitched shalwar kameez has great value in Pakistan and India. If you want to impress your friends, you have to select designer brands or like same. There are many iconic shalwar kameez available in market. Most are trying to catch the new trends and fashion. Most people choose innovative style and design to look unique  and decent.

Different Pakistani brands are popular in different class of people depending on their taste and styles.

Royal Silk Shalwar Kameez are getting very trendy in Karachi Pakistan

The perfect  and popular brand is well known in all sect of people in Pakistani male. These are classic example of Sartorial stitching and classic design. Liked by all class  of people and age. Available  in vast range of colors  and designs. Price range  also suits to every one.

Plain Men’s Kameez Shalwar

A plain kameez without embroidery for men’s use give a more elegant and classic look to them. A wide range of  colors  are available according to your taste. White and black are most popular nowadays.

Try our Designers Choice of Grey Kurta Pajama

Embroidered Kurta Pajama

These are the hottest trend, embezzled to all ages of men from young to old age. It has a designs on the neck, shoulders,  sleeves, cuffs, and back.  Designers have given variety of style to have a chic and smart look.