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We take your custom orders in a stepwise manner. All you have to do is to come to leatheriza, head towards the custom tab, and place your order. In case you need to consult, we have a consultation team of designers 24/7 at your service. They guide you regarding the size charts, fabric, and design. Once the deal is locked, the production process continues.

So to all the fashion lovers! If you want a custom leather jacket to treat yourself, then leatheriza has the best plans in the town. Here is our production process that starts once you commence the order.

Plus Size Leather Jacket – The Ultimate Guide To Get That Perfect Fitting & Sleek Look

You desire to flaunt a classic piece of leather jacket, and you decide to buy one. You enter a store only to realize there is no size available for you. If you love wearing leather jackets, but the plus-size is the matter, or you are tired of wearing a size that does not fit you properly, and you always feel uncomfortable. Then, you have landed on the right page. We at Leatheriza understand your pain and have an ultimate solution to your problem.

Plus-size leather jackets with proper fitting and comfort are hard to find, especially the quality version. A genuine leather jacket can make you feel special and gives you a stylish & fresh look. Every woman deserves that feeling, regardless of size or shape, and we strongly believe in diversity. So, we offer you a customization option, where you decide, and we build. Click on the Go Custom tab to get your order placed today.

Plus Size Custom Leather Jacket – Design Your Own At Leatheriza

The leather jacket is one of the outer apparel that is considered an investment in fashion. The two main factors being, it never goes out of style, and it lasts longer. Remember, when you purchase a leather jacket, it’s not only about style but also about quality and fitting that matters the most. When you customize your order with Leatheriza, the process is quite easy, you need to provide the required details and get your order placed. For a perfect plus size leather jacket, you need to have a model in your mind first. Certain things to consider – the type of jacket, color, leather type, right measurement, and modification or embellishment you want to add.

Type of jacket: The first thing is to decide the type of leather jacket you want. There are different types of leather jackets available in the market. For example, biker, retro bomber, or trench coat. But for a plus-size leather jacket, there are not diverse varieties available in the market. But don’t worry! No matter which leather jacket you are looking for, at Leatheriza, you can get your dream leather jacket customized as per your like. But make sure to go for a leather jacket that flatters your body shape.

Leather Type: When it comes to a high-quality leather jacket, the type of leather plays a vital role. There are different types of leather, each comes with its signature texture and character. We are specialized in sheepskin leather, which is lightweight, soft, and durable. Although, we offer you seven different types that you can choose according to your requirement.

Collar: Nothing can beat the classic notch lapel collar, as it not only provides proper coverage but also gives you a fresh & modern look. The notch lapel collar is the safest option to go for, especially for the plus-size leather jacket.

Right Measurement for Plus size leather jacket

When you opt for a custom-made plus-size leather jacket, it becomes very important to put the right measurement. Fitting is everything for that perfect sleek and stylish look. No matter how good quality the leather jacket is, if it does not fit you properly, then everything is a waste.

Shoulder Alignment: The shoulder should sit perfectly to create a constructive and edgy look. If the shoulder sits too wide or too narrow, then you won’t be able to move your arms freely. That means, there is no freedom of movement.

Inner Lining: A good quality inner lining is very important to get a comfortable feel and to enjoy your stylish and sleek look to the fullest. The inner lining should offer you an immense level of warmth, comfort, and it should be skin-friendly, so don’t underestimate the inner lining. A bad or cheap quality inner lining is a big no-no. Here we offer you four different types of inner lining – polyester, wool, fur, and satin.

Color: When it comes to the leather jacket, black and brown are the classic choices. But, you can explore more at Leatheriza. If you want to come out from your comfort zone and want to experience the trendy runway vibe. Then you can choose red, blue or maroon. If you know how to style it, then you can rock these colors effortlessly.

Detailing: The detailing of the leather jacket can make or break your look, so choose wisely. For the plus-size leather jacket, the asymmetric zipper pattern offers a slim fit construction that exhibits a distinctively edgy look. The metallic zipper, zippered pockets, stitching, studs, back design, and belt are the things you need to consider. At Leatheriza, each leather jacket is neatly stitched with utmost care to ensure a perfect fitting.

Now, you know from where and how to get a perfect fit plus-size leather jacket to feel that ultimate comfort. So, now let’s move on to understand how to style a plus-size leather jacket.

How To Style A Plus Size Leather Jacket To Get That Perfect Sleek Look?

To get that perfect sleek and stylish look, you need to understand your body shape first. You are an apple shape, if you have fuller breasts, less defined or thicker waist, and hips are more slender. A pear-shaped body – if your upper body is smaller than your lower body, you have curvy hips and thighs with a narrow shoulder. Hourglass body shape – slimmer waist with a fuller bust, bigger hips, and thicker thighs. Inverted pyramid shape – broad shoulders with a fuller bust and slender hips. Diamond shape – fuller waistline, narrow bust, and broader hips. Now, you know your body shape, let’s see how to style it.

Casual Yet Stylish Look

If you are an hourglass or a pear-shaped body, pair a biker leather jacket with a tucked-in top or T-shirt, jeans, and shoes. The high-waisted trousers, straight or slim straight jeans are your best friend. This will help to define your waistline and give you a casual yet stylish look. A cropped biker leather jacket is what suits you the best. The bomber leather jacket and trench coat are other options that will also look great on your body type.

For apple, diamond, and inverted pyramid body shape, pair a bomber jacket with a peplum top or cross-over top, jeans or leggings, and shoes. Avoid tight T-shirts and tops, they will accentuate your belly fat, which you don’t want to. Make sure to highlight your strength to look more stylish.

Bold Yet Comfortable

For an hourglass and a pear-shaped body, choose a dress that will define and highlight your waistline. For example, bodycon, off-the-shoulder, or an A-line dress. Now pair it with a biker leather jacket and heels to get that ultimate fashionable look.


Invest in high-quality leather, not just the style but also the comfort and fitting matters. When you feel comfortable from inside and not just from outside that is called a perfect fit. At Leatheriza, So you get everything that a genuine leather jacket should have without compromising on style. So, don’t waste your time. Click on the Custom tab, and get your order placed today.

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