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Leather Work Tote Bag


Leather Bags

Soft Leather Tote bag


Leather Bags

Leather Work Tote Bag


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Backpack is good,if you want to carry heavier than a laptop and may be a book or two,opt for a backpack since it has better weight management.  But backpack lacks style and gives the image of students.

Leather Tote Bags

Tote is a softer longer bag often made of soft leather or canvas. Its beauty is large Tote handles and a wide and deep open mouth for carrying good amount of daily office   essentials This gives you easy reach to your essentials and you can find your things comfortably. Thus it is in the mid point between a brief case and a backpack and a roomy enough for better reach.It could be your beach bag, work bag and shopping bag ,all in one.
A zipper on the top provides extra security while internal pockets ensure compliance.

Brief case

This the bag of old age for carrying office files and documents. However this leathery respectable is still as relevant as  ever. A perfect brief km case is the executive s best friend. Its a cool and practical. And the perfect briefcase is durable and strays life long. It is a sleek alternative and a smart choice. New briefcase should have ample space to carry laptop , charger, files and a hard drive.

Leather Messenger Bag

It’s a. Man bag, and in variety of forms, but typically recognised by by the rectangular or boxy soft bag with large over flat.iits a favourite bags of students, cyclists,etc and now itts a bag for carrying essentials,It Haas a long shoulders straps may be with grip pad.  These bags have become a big part of urban life and style.

Duffel Bag

It is a large soft bag used for longer trips. It is a sturdy bag typically made of Canvas or leather. It is characterized by a big sized main compartment with top zipper closure. It mostly resembles  with the old military duffel bag becaause it used for longer journey and there fore it is the biggest. Bag.

Weekender Bag

It is smaller than duffel bag and larger than other bags.It is used week end length trips.      This soft   bag has a big space and a large top opening with zipper. It has also a heavy dual Tote handles with shoulder straps.

The Barrel Bag

It is similar to a weekender bag or duffel bag but with a main compartment like a barrel.It also has a removable shoulder straps.It is also called Gym bag Comes with heavy Tote handles.
Bowling…… This is made of semi stiff material like thick leather. This bag is sturdy ,rough and tough.. Usually it has a oversized Tote handles and à large zippered opening with big mouth.  This bag protection tto your heavy- items.

Satchel Bag

The most modern smaller bag with style is satchel bag.It is made mostly of pure leather with latest fashion to carry modern day essentials like cell phones,keys, wallet or. Sun glasses or tabs. They are perfect to carry small important items with style and fashion that is worn across body or over the shoulder.
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