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Leather Jackets for Men by Leatheriza at the Best Prices Online in USA, UK and Dubai

Find Our Exclusive and Finest Collection of Best Men’s Leather Jackets | 100% Genuine Leather Jackets | Unique Designs and Outlooks for Men Jackets

Men’s fashion is occupied mainly by leather outfits. No one could deny that your wardrobe is complete without a Mens leather jacket or a mens Coat. Leather jackets are the shining stars that give life to your wardrobe. Leather is a tough fabric that is a resilient, robust, and all-time fashion staple. It provides a unique charm to the person and ultimately boosts their confidence. So, If you want to feel comfortable in what you wear yet look classy, opt for leather jackets. You can always stay in style by wearing a biker jacket or a bomber jacket. It never gets old since leather is an evergreen and a reliable companion. Whether it’s your dad’s old vintage jacket or something you have just bought, they both will look elegant and classy.

What Leatheriza Has in Store?

Leatheriza Affinity has a wide variety of products in its store for you. Our selective wide array of leather products gives an overwhelming experience to every fashion diva. Fashion Leather jackets are our most loved product amongst others. Leatheriza’s highly skilled designers create fantastic leather articles that melt your heart. You can witness high-quality products with excellent reviews by clients. Our Cool leather jacket for men collection has a various types of leather jacket types; some of them are described below.

Men’s Biker Jacket

We have the coolest, fashionable, and supreme quality of men’s biker jacket. Also, we have a huge collection of women’s biker jackets. Get ultimate safety and security with a biker’s jacket since they are robust and reliable. Biker jacket for men by Leatheriza promises you longevity and durability. Check out our latest collection and designer’s choice.

Leather Jackets Motorcycle Style

The Moto Jackets is a cropped Leather jacket, usually in black, complete with studs and asymmetric Zips. Originally worn, unsurprisingly by bikers. A symmetric cut is designed as such to allow riders to lean over their bikes without the fastening digging into the body. The rugged garment, honed from goatskin, cowhide or horsehide. Motorcycle leather jackets is the style worn by the motorcycle riders of Marlon Brandon in 1950s. Some of our Moto Men Jackets design are best sellers and liked by many customers.

Racer Jackets

One of men’s wear is the biggest influencer in the automotive world. Driving shoes, ribbed knee jeans with a Café Racer jacket came into being by bringing the two together and wrap them in Leather. This design came because Heavy horsehide and a strong main zipper was deemed to provide enough protection for the boy racers.

Café racer leather jackets are easy to wear and flatters the body.

Bombers Jacket

Who can deny the elegancy of bomber Jackets? Its front zipper, knitted long sleeves, and waistband add glamour to your loom and make your wardrobe more appealing. So, They are perfect for winters and, of course, for unexpected weather. Tip: Pair a black leather bomber jacket with white t-shirt and grey jeans for an outstanding look.

Flight Leather Jacket

As the name suggests the flight Jacket in Leather was originally created for Pilots Bulky, and with shearling lining for Warmth, today it’s a statement of investment for both airmen and stylish civilians alike.

Balance the weight of your jacket by making sure the rest of your outfit is sIim and tailored” says Thornton. They are essential for winter as they will keep you nice and toasty while looking killer at the same time.

Field Jacket / Military Jacket

Also known as military jacket. The M-65, as it’s otherwise known, is usually slightly longer then other styles, with multiple front pockets and belted at the waist, often buttoned with hidden pockets, it looks good in rich brown colour. It will keep you warmer and better shield you from the elements.

Aviator Jacket for Men

There are two styles of Leather Aviator jacket, the classic bomber and the shearling aviator. Both are perfect for warmth and ease of movement in Cockpit. Bomber has a round, knitted collar, the aviator has a sheepskin with quilted lining which can be added for extra coziness. Thus, Bomber and Flight jackets are best suited to men who demands more from their Leather jackets. A Flight jacket looks attractive, but it is also effective in winter weather. Aviator Jacket has a Shearling lining for coziness.

Vintage Jackets

Men’s Vintage leather jackets symbols class. Vintage jackets come in various colors, prints, designs, styles, zippers, and much more. The most exciting part is that they never get old fashioned, which makes it a perfect investment!

History of Vintage Jackets:

The Vintage jacket was made in Kansas City. Missouri as a civilian version of the US army B-2 Flight Jacket issued in the early 1930’s and replaced by the B 3 in 1934.The army version was made of horsehide with a single breast pocket, attached belt Zippered cuffs on the inside of the wrist and a full inner lining and collar. This jacket was produced with a civilian label and a few alterations to the Pattern. So, Find our most demanding designer’s choice retro vintage jackets at our store now! Shop today!

Suede Jackets

Suede Jacket men are versatile and an all-rounder in leather jackets. The most incredible benefit of investing in suede leather jackets is that they are multi-seasonal and can be worn all around the year.

This is the outerwear option that lifts your entire look. If you are searching for everlasting Jacket, considering Suede Leather Jacket is the best option. It’s more casual, always cool and gets better with age. The best suede jackets are made from the matte under side of animal Skin, instead of the shinier top. After brushing, a tactile nap is Created which provides it luxurious and velvety finish. Luigi Fila – head designer, an Italian is a big fan of Suede Leather jacket. We also have suede jacket for women. Tan Suede Jacket for men is always in style.

Color Jackets

We are currently introducing our unique colored jackets with admirable designs and styles. We have a wide variety of colors, including green men’s leather jackets, red leather jackets, black leather jacket for men, Tan Brown men’s jackets, Blue leather jacket for men and much more. Here are some of our latest collections:

Also we have so many green jackets for men with different styles and patterns. You can stay in style by wearing it with a white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans for a casual look.

Since its Christmas Eve, a red leather jacket will give you a perfect charm. All you need to do is to pair your favorite red leather jacket with any of your outfits, and you’re slaying already.

Leatheriza have the finest collection of men’s black biker jackets and men’s black bomber jacket. Also, we have a variety of collection for women black leather jacket. They are universal as it can be worn with any dress. If you are looking for something both casual and formal, you should go for the black jackets. They look attractive and on-point.

We provide the finest collection of men’s blue biker jackets and men’s blue Vintage jacket. Also, we have a variety of collection for women blue leather jacket. Our Unique color shades for blue leather jackets are unique in the world and impresses to our customers.

Browse our Collection of men’s burgundy biker jackets. Our burgundy leather jackets in plain design are very attractive for men.

Coats for Men

Leatheriza offers a large variety of Mens Coats which are professional and attractive at the same time. It is an absolute outwear for winters or long, wholesome journeys. At our store, you will find leather coats ranging from traditional to unique designs. Our Mens Coats leather is made of real sheepskin or Lambskin.  We have some beautiful design of Mens coats for men which are liked by many of our customers. Here we have many varieties of genuine leather Mens coats such as leather Trench coat, Long leather coats, Faux Leather Coat. Our Trench Leather Coat is unique in design and made up of sheepskin with inner quilted lining.

Order your Black Leather Trench Coat today! You can style it in any way you want, such as a black leather coat can be worn with both office or casual dress.

Blazer Leather Jackets for Men

For a more iconic fashion look or professional attire, go for black leather blazer. It’s fabric gives it a fancy and rebellious look, while its folded and stylish collars uplift your outfit’s look. Tip: A black faux leather blazer can be paired up with fashionable sneakers, blue jeans, and a white tee.

Men’s Leather Vests

Need to wear something more professional and stylish yet less warm? Try men’s genuine leather vest by Leatheriza. Leather Vests are open, which gives your arms space to breathe and move freely. Our Unique design Leather vests are a fantastic and smart choice for the riders in summers. It provides an elegant and classy look wherever you go.

Custom Leather Jackets by Leatheriza

Leatheriza offers customized leather jackets or Mens Coats for all of its clients. Customization of leather jackets is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to explore cool designs and put your ideas in your choice of leather skin, may it be a lambskin jacket or a coat in sheepskin.

Our Customize jacket online tool will enable you to select your jacket’s material (sheepskin, cowhide, lambskin or a calfskin),then you can select the color of your choice and select from various designs, back prints, inner lining, buttons, zippers, cuffs, folds, collars of your choice.

You can either upload a picture or write your specifications in the blanks to get a similar design of your choice through our stylish jackets collection. are the leather makers of all kinds and are excellent for two reasons.

Custom Jacket Makers

One, they have a massive collection of Mens Coats or leather jackets for men. They have a good selection of different shades of red Leather Jackets, green leather jackets, yellow leather jackets or a blue leather jacket. The cool thing is that we sell tons of varieties of Leather jackets like men’s biker or a women’s biker jacket.

Custom Leather Jackets

Custom Leather jackets or Mens Coats allow you to design your dream Leather jacket. provides excellent service of Made to measure leather jackets. They will make when you order for Leather jacket of any kind. Custom Leather Jackets are made to fit your body perfectly. They allow you to – explore different styles, color options and features that you not find in stores. Going for Custom Leather jackets is the only way to truly design your own Leather jacket the way you want.

Best Customer Service Policies

Two, they have one of the best Customer service policies like free delivery worldwide, free refunds and free exchange. offers a worldwide free shopping with a speedy delivery time and exchange policy for up to 30 days. You can order leather jacket’s in a variety of sizes from XS to 4XL, 5XL or 6XL, we have leather jackets for plus size people. We also have Plus size leather jackets for women. You can order your plus size motorcycle jacket or a plus size biker jacket or a plus size leather coat.

In custom made you can add all the features and accessories that you want in your custom-made Leather jacket.

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