Did anyone say leather? Probably it would be about Leatheriza!

Acting as a one-stop for all the fashion freaks, Leatheriza is all about the richness and authenticity when it comes to pure leather attires. Straight from the natural sources, the leather we work with is manufactured from the cowhides/sheepskin/lambskin or goatskin. The one we excel in is the pure sheepskin leather that is then curated in ever ravishing colors and designs. Every stitch, cut, and the color is selected by keeping you at the heart of every composition. It’s not just a mere leather jacket or a handmade leather shoe;instead,it pours out the essence of hard work of workers and their sheer dedication to provide you with an ultimate piece that would make you look a class apart.

Leatheriza and its high-end production line

We at leatheriza are not just making those leather jackets;instead, we are crafting the handmade leather attires, bespoke handmade leather shoes along with accessories likehandbags and gloves. We play with the colors and masters the concept of sophistication and elegance reflected from every single sew on the article. So Latheriza is a kind of one roof to stock all those ethereal leather articles that are the fashion nowadays. So it’s time to level up your wardrobe with our utterly amazing articles.

What’s the OOTD?

When you want a picture-perfect OOTD for your social media feeds, we at leatheriza will present you with the utmost love in terms of our very favorite classic leather jacket. Crafted from the pieces of pure sheepskin leather, the jacket is assembled with luxurious stitches to give you a class. A classic leather jacket is the all-time love of men you express their strong personalities via the choice of attires they pull off. Leatheriza understands your desire for this classic piece, and we keep it high end. Our craftsmen are well experienced to pull together the classic leather jackets with top-notch stitching followed by a strict quality check process. We aim to provide you the best.

Want colors? Searching for your perfect size? Well! Every demand is kept under consideration while running the production process. We have a wide range of sizes, and you can get the desired color. It’s all under our custom tab. All you need to do is to bring the requirements, and we will design the exclusive jacket or attire for you.

Three ways to pull off our classic leather jacket

1. The prim and proper:

It’s that day at work where you have to lead a conference, and you want a classy yet professional look. Well, you can create the one with our classic leather jacket. A plain white dress shirt with a black or grey dress pants, a classy tie, and the black classic leather jacket is the perfect OOTD. You can accessorize your look with our handmade leather shoes and bag.

2. Night out in winters:

Be it any night out with friends or colleagues at work or you are taking your partner for a cozy dinner, you can always settle for our classy leather jacket. Just pull it off with chinos and turtle neck sweater. Our classic leather jacket in black or tan color will complete your look. A perfect handmade leather wallet by Leatheriza will add a class.

3. Keep it simple:

Getting ready for a family gathering or those morning classes at university? Our classy classic leather jacket can serve your pursuit. Those loose, warm slacks and a hoodie paired with a classic leather jacket is your outlook to go.

We at Leatheriza are working hard to assemble the attires and articles that could serve the best to complete your looks. Be it formals semi-formals or casuals; you can always put your trust in Leatheriza.

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